How to Score Good Marks in VTU

In any course How to get good marks is most famous doubt. Whether its engineering, MCA or any other exam. In general this post applies to all the students who write any exam. But here VTU is center attraction.

In other article, I have written How to Get Pass Mark in VTU.

The first important point is time. How you manage your time in exam hall is most important key for high marks. Here I have explained simple example how you can solve this issue. Go through model question papers or previous year question papers (Latest 2-4 question papers enough, don’t refer too old question papers), create a plan out of how many question you need to attend how many questions. For example out of 8 questions (160 marks) you need to attend 5 questions (100 marks). Create a plan like how many minutes you need to attend 1 full question. For example for one full question you need 30 minutes then for 5 questions you need 150 minutes, so you left 30 minutes (3 hours is 180 minutes). Take left 30 minutes for revision or you can attend one more question in choice which may help you to ensure high marks as you attended for 120 marks, in this case VT rule is they take maximum marks for each question for example you have scored marks like for 4 questions you got 20 out of 20 and for other two you have scored 18 and 16 out of 20, they consider 18 and they leave 16 as extra question(so total 98 out of 100, this example is joke in VTU ;)).

The next important point is study plan, as i told earlier go through old question papers and make plan. This plan should include pattern of the question paper, like in each unit how many questions may come and how many unit you need to study to attend 5-6 full questions. Practically and normal student cant study all the units mentioned in syllabus and its unnecessary if they give choice. Why because if you study all units, you many not studied some topics in couple units, that spoils your attending one full question. You must be sure you studied all the topics in a unit. For this reason if you study minimum units you can put more effort.

The most important and ignored point is you need to write answers as it is given in the preferred text book. This may look odd or practically invalid. But think about evaluators, they may not good at the subject they are evaluating or they may not have time to read entire answer with patience. Because each evaluator will have time slice for each answer paper, it can be like they need evaluate more answer papers in less time. So they just look at your answers and compare with the solution given by VTU for respecting question paper. If they found match they feel you have written proper answer so you will have more chance to get high marks. You may get doubt like what is the meaning of writing answers as it is in preferred text book. For example write same definition as given in preferred text book, examples taken in preferred text book and diagrams which given in preferred text book so on. This point ensures quality is important than quantity for high marks.

Last important point but very effective and it may difficult for many people specially boys. Hand writing and neatness is very important key point to get high marks if you are ok with above points, without this point if you follow above steps you may get less marks than what you deserve. If your handwriting is not good also try to write without scratch and given spaces between words over all neatness should be there. Why this is important because as I mentioned earlier evaluators will have less time and less patience or they may in bad mood. If they could not read what you have writing, they will give you minimum marks.

The final conclusion is practice makes man perfect, take your internals seriously and apply above formulas so that you will get practice and as well as high marks in internals. Managing time and writing neatly is bit difficult if you don’t have practice.

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