How to Get Pass Mark in VTU

How to pass VTU exam or in general how to pass in exam. But here we concentrate on VTU is a topic (This formula can be applied to any exam).

In other article, I have written How to Score Good Marks in VTU.

Usually the students who looking for passing marks or difficult pass would be students who study only at exam time or day before exam. This article is specially for those kind of students. The most important point here is planning and taking risk (even though this can be risk but very effective way to pass in exam). If you follow these steps you can score more marks than passing mark in an exam. So lets start, I mention only important steps not in detail.

  • Open your syllabus copy and keep it with you.
  • Collect last 3 years question papers and short notes from any one or from this site.
  • Mark all repeated questions as important topic in your syllabus.
  • Then mark all repeated questions appeared in all papers, also non repeated questions as less important questions.
  • Now you know what topics to study for exam. Almost it covers 40% of a unit.
  • Reading 40% book is very easy than going through whole syllabus.
  • Read twice as soon as possible and make short notes or pointed notes which will help you to remember what you red.
  • Now start covering remaining 60% portions. That 40% portion itself give you idea about each unit. Just read that 60% once and write down all headings, sub headings, key points and diagrams.
  • Read at least 5 times which you have written.
  • You had completed whole syllabus in smart way.
  • The above steps take only a night because we are doing smart work.
  • Before 30 minutes of exam go through only the hints and notes you had taken last night.
  • Be relaxed, fill out your answer sheet and then look at question paper.
  • You will know all questions but not exactly.
  • First attend all questions you know then start remaining questions. Write all headings, sub headings correctly. You may remember very few points to write. Make it as points and write it. Then write some stories about the topic relevantly. And repeat same points in different way.
  • Write more and more like quantity is more important than quality to get minimum marks. The evaluators will not have enough time to read everything, so they just assign minimum marks for example out of 20 they give 10-12 mark. If write diagram correctly its an added advantage.

Addition Tips:

  • Ask your friends to explain  all topics. Go and write story what your friend said. Here story means concepts.
  • Write in average hand writing, like they feel discomfort to read your answers. Because it may help to get minimum marks without reading your stories.
  • First couple paragraph should have relative answers or correct answers, after that you can write stories related to concepts.

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    i am a first year be student…I hv failed in 1 sub in first sem…I am writing re exam in this sem…n my question is” what will be my ia marks???”


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